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Car AC Repair Service in Abu Dhabi at DWB Tyres
Quality Car AC Repair at DWB Tyres Abu Dhabi

Car AC Repair Services

Car Tyre Service in Abu Dhabi at DWB Tyres
Quality Car Tyre Service at DWB Tyres Abu Dhabi

Car Tyre Services

Car Brake Service in Abu Dhabi at DWB Tyres
Quality Car Brake Repair Service at DWB Tyres Abu Dhabi

Car Brake Service

Car Oil Change Service in Abu Dhabi at DWB Tyres
Quality Car Oil Change Service at DWB Tyres Abu Dhabi

Car Oil Change Service

Car Drums Skimming Service in Abu Dhabi at DWB Tyres
Quality Drums Skimming Service at DWB Tyres Abu Dhabi

Drums Skimming Service

Car Suspension Repair Service in Abu Dhabi at DWB Tyres
Quality Car Suspension Repair Service at DWB Tyres Abu Dhabi

Car Suspension Repair Service

Car Battery Replacement Service in Abu Dhabi at DWB Tyres
Quality Car Battery Replacement Service at DWB Tyres Abu Dhabi

Car Battery Replacement Service

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Let's set all your problems to an end by bringing forth Tyre And Car Services. We have been serving the tyre industry for a long time now and would be more than elated to offer our clients best-in-class tyre concepts! It has been our prerogative to offer a myriad of brands with a constant strive for only the premium quality tyres! Here we have got the right reasons covered for you to justify why one requires us for all types of tyre solutions!

Why Choose Our Services?

A comprehensive yet trusted overview including the most poignant opinions as to why one should choose our services over the others.

Expert Guidance: We have got the best guidance listed and hence that ensures proficiency. Our professionals have ensured that over the years they come forth and help our clients have a better understanding of the latest tyre concepts. It has been our priority to bring more comprehensive ways of providing services and hence the accreditations.

Quality Services: We have often heard as well as faced that even after paying a ton, the services were not up to the mark. Hence we founded this service with the ultimate agenda of providing quality services. No matter what you require, our experts will ensure that they come forth and provide nothing but only the best services lined up for you.

Pocket-Friendly: Our services have been arranged as such so that they can fit your pockets in the right way. It is not a necessity that quality services have to come with a high range of prices. On the contrary, we have tried to become more holistic and provide the best services and that too at flattering prices. It has been the onus from the very conception to appeal to the masses and over the years we have tried to achieve that successfully.

Wide Variety: It happens as such that most brands have their own speciality and so the requirements tend to vary. Thus, we have come up with the widest range of brands to spoil our clients with choices!

Tyre and Car Services has always aimed to provide our clients with proficiency. It has been our onus to prioritize quality more than quantity and we will try our level best to preserve that virtue with utmost precision.


What Our Customer Say?

Dubai Electronic Wheel Balance is a professional garage in car's services for consumables. It is the place that where all consumable services are available for almost all types of vehicles, for example, tires, batteries, brakes, changing oils and filters...etc. The staff is also very helpful and professional in their specialties for customer service and vehicles repairs. If you are in Abu Dhabi, then you don't have to worry about visiting this place, only if you have a car!!

Customer testimonials on best tyre shop in UAE
Salem Al Shamisi

Purchased 5 tires from an online shop DWBtyres.ae and got free installation and balance in Dubai Electronic Wheel Balance in Musaffah. Great experience with those guys. Really professional and helpful. The factory lug nuts were not matching on the new rims but they had new ones that would match, installation of tires was done fast and in a professional manner. They even checked wheel alignment and because no intervention was required, I was not charged for that. That’s the tire shop where I’ll go from now on.

Customer testimonials on best tyre shop in UAE
Razvan Deftu

I had to install a bigger wheel for my car. DWBtyres.ae helped me find and install hub-centric rings for the perfect fitting of the wheels to my car. Purchased a good set of tire brands also at a minimum price! Highly recommended to all of my friends!

Customer testimonials on best tyre shop in UAE
Bob Sindayen

Great experience. I was looking to change into bigger tires for my Wrangler, Dubai Electronic Wheel Balance had a great variety and also brought me new rims from another store at an excellent price.

Customer testimonials on best tyre shop in UAE
Abeer Amiri

Very Good Service. Mr. Abdullah from DWBtyres.ae was very helpful and explained the service in great detail, despite being quite busy with customer phone calls. Will definitely visit again.

Customer testimonials on best tyre shop in UAE
Sikandar Sharma


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