Guide to Buy New Tyres for your Car

Tyres are of some importance when the topic is about long trips. Nobody on earth would want a journey where they have to deal with tyre problems mid-way to their destination. Good quality tyres are of great importance on such occasions.

Dubai Electronic Wheel Balance & DWB Tyres is a tyre company that provides the best quality tyres at an affordable price. They have a group of trained men who can guide you properly while buying tyres for your vehicle, but still, there are certain things that you should be aware of while choosing tyres so that you don't have to face difficulties in the future.

Guide to buying new tyres

Tubeless or Tube-type

One should always consider buying tubeless tires over tube-type. This is because tubeless tyres are more advanced and safer than the tube-types.

Also, you don't have to install the alloy wheels to fit tubeless tyres, unlike tube-type which makes it easier to fit and remove. The steel wheels would also function well as they won't be rusted. This is because they are rust-free and also have an anti-rust coating inside.

Size of the tyre

Special attention should be given to the size of the tyres while buying them and one should know how to read the size of tyres. Normally, it is written on the sidewall of a tyre and is portrayed in a standardized behavior. For example, 200/60 R 20 90V. This can be read as:-

      • Tread width: 200 mm
      • 60(%) is the percentage of the tread width that provides for making the height of the sidewall.
      • R (Radial) refers to the radial design of the tyre.
      • 20 (inches) is the diameter of the wheel.
      • Load index: 90
      • V: Speed Rating

The size of a tyre can be predicted in 3 parts; the size of the rim, the width of the tread, and the height of sidewalls.

      • (a) Rim size

While buying a tyre, one should remember that the size of tyre should be equal to the size of the rim. If the rim is larger than the tyre then it would lower the height of the sidewall which would affect the ride and handling quality of the vehicle.

      • (b) Tread width

One should be careful while reading the tread width as the comfort of your ride totally depends on its fittings. Tread width depends on the vehicle you are driving.

If you are someone who wants good fuel mileage, wants to keep the steering very light or you are someone who mostly drives on busy roads, you should not go for a wider tread.

      • (c) Sidewall height

Refer to your old tyre for the sidewall height. Dubai Electronic Wheel Balance & DWB Tyres have expert mechanics who can directly guide you with the sidewall height in case you have forgotten to note the value.

They are highly experienced and professionals and they are capable of predicting the height of the sidewall in one shot.

Tread pattern

The selection of tread patterns is a very tedious as well as crucial task. They are responsible for the drifting of your vehicle during bad weather conditions.

Their main purpose is to channel the water from the road while you're driving through a water-logged area or on a rainy day.

Generally, there are 3 types of tread patterns:

● Conventional tread - This is the most common pattern one can notice in several vehicles. It does the channeling job properly and also prevents noise while doing so.

● Uni-directional tread - These work very effectively as they are rotated in a single direction. The sidewalls of such tyres have an arrow mark which denotes the direction towards which the tyre should be rotated.

● Asymmetric tread - These tyres have an inside as well as an outside sidewall. The outside one faces the road while the inside one faces the car.

Rubber material used

This is one of the most important criteria while choosing tyres. This is responsible for the traction and the treadwear characteristics of the tyre.

If your tyre is of good quality, the traction and speed rating of the tyre would be high. Also, it helps in having a good grip on the road while driving.

Quality of the tyre

This totally depends on the following three factors:-

● The reputation of the manufacturer - Buying tyres from popular manufacturers is again another important criterion. Popular manufacturers use the best quality material available for making tyres and make them available to the distributors at a standard price.
Dubai Electronic Wheel Balance & DWB Tyres brings you the best tyres at an affordable price. The tyres they have in store are all from the best manufacturers which is why they are renowned for providing the best quality tyres all over Dubai.

● Warranty - One should check the warranty of tyres while buying them. Never go for tyres that do not bear any warranty.

● Date of manufacture - Always remember to check the date of manufacturing. It is generally mentioned on the sidewall. It is represented by a 4 digit number where the first two digits stand for a week and the last two stand for the year.
One should avoid buying tyres that are older than 1 year.


Choosing the perfect tyre can enhance the safety, mileage, and performance of your vehicle on a large scale. One should consider buying good quality tyres irrespective of the cost.

Good tyres last long and save a lot of your money which you might have spent buying cheaper tyres every few months. And, always buy tyres that are suitable for your vehicle. Take help from a professional if needed.