It is undoubtedly true that the tyres are the most important component of a car. The tyres are the only thing that touches the road surface and help the car to go anywhere one wants it to.

But the tyres are not immortal and can get punctured or encounter unalignment issues anytime.

This is why it is important to pick the appropriate kind of tyre that suits the vehicle so that it lasts longer than usual.

However, if you are unsure about which tyre is best for your car when buying online tyres, the best thing you can do is understand the various types of it. This is simply because each is designed for a different purpose and each of them is different from the others.

Types of Car Tyres | How Do They Differ?

Before you head on to an online tire store in the UAE to buy one, it is important to know how the tyres differ from each other and the features they come with to make the right choice.

Hence, we have come up with a few of them in the section below. Read on.

#1: Winter Tyres

One of the first types of tyres that you can get is the winter tyres online. Imagine that you are living in a colder region where the temperature lows down to 0 °C.

In such situations, you can never use all-season tyres or summer tyres as they cannot give traction.

Keeping the situation in mind, many colder regions have made it a requirement for special kinds of winter tyres.

These tyres have thick sipes and grooves which improve traction in slippery and snowy conditions. However, make sure that you are ordering car tyres online from trusted shops like DWB Tyres.

#2: The Summer Tyres

The summer types are the type of tyres which are best for regions experiencing 7 degrees of temperature or above. These tyres have a unique and soft texture which allows them to make a grip on the pavement in both dry and wet situations.

Summer car tyres in Dubai are ideal for agility and speed as the soft compound in them helps to improve traction. Summer tyres' treads are particularly good at draining water. This somehow makes them resistant to aquaplaning.

#3: The Fuel-Efficient Tyres

Tyre makers have developed tyres over time with a focus on reduced carbon emissions and fuel efficiency. The traction, steering response, and braking distance offered by these tyres are not the finest.

The reason is that they are solely concerned with cutting back on fuel use and carbon emissions.

But if you choose to buy car tyres from us, DWB tyres, then these problems can be eliminated.

Therefore, these are the best tyres if you consistently travel well below the speed limit and do not need or want instant acceleration.

#4: The High-Speed Tyres

High-speed tyres also known as high-performance tyres are perfect for top-speed driving. These tyres are designed to prevent aquaplaning even when at high speed.

Not to mention, they are quite similar to the sports tyres but still are different in some way. Due to the massive tread blocks, they provide an extraordinarily high level of stability when running at high speeds.

When putting them through high-speed tests, extra care must be taken because these tests also have a limit, and when this limit is exceeded, the vehicle is prone to losing traction.

However, if you end up exceeding the speed limit somehow and lose traction, you can count on an online tyre shop in Dubai for assistance. We at DWB Tyres will guide you the best.

#5: The Performance Tyres

Next on the list are the performance tyres which are designed for high-performance automobiles. They are designed to focus on rapid acceleration and steering response. In addition, they provide quick braking distances and high-speed journeys.

These tyres can be classified in different ways including UHP, or ultra-high performance. They go through a lot of tests and are manufactured under the expertise of many individuals so that they can deliver top-quality performance.

#6: The Temporary Tyres

These tyres are known as space saver tyres in most cases as they are smaller than a full-size spare tyre. People buy temporary car tyres when their primary tyre gets punctured.

These cannot be used as a full-fledged spare as they have a certain speed limit to consider and their running capacity is also restricted.

These need to be replaced sooner as the original ones get fixed by car tyre service providers like us. Since these tyres are not intended to carry loads and are more of a support than a replacement, prolonged driving in them is not at all recommended.

#7: The All-Season Tyres

All-season tyres combine features from winter and summer tyres, just as the name suggests. These tyres allow you to utilise them in all types of season as it incorporates characteristics of both winter and summer.

The performance might be a bit compromised but still does not disappoint the driver. They have a unique tread pattern which offers traction in winters, agility in summers and control in wet conditions.

On the other hand, just make sure that you are hiring an expert car tyre service provider like us, DWB tyres.

Buy The Tyre of Your Choice From A Trusted Seller Online

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