Brands With Years Of Experience Making Tires


Knowing where to look for the perfect tires for your car might be a confusing job. Relax and put your trust in our hands. Like any other industry, the tire industry is also dominated by big brands like Pirelli, Bridgestone, Continental, GoodYear, Dunlop, Michelin, Firestone, and Yokohama.

They have far more experience under their belt, making them much more reliable. They also use better quality products and are designed in well-funded labs, which are reflected in their performances. Brands like Bridgestone also provide a lifetime guarantee in case of accidental damages.

Mid Range tires Can Be A Good Option


A high-brand tire does look good on your car, but it might not be the case for your wallet. So, less well-known tire brands like Avon, Linglong, and Barum, while not being the best, can still take you far away. They might lack the technology to create tire treads that can be used all year long or the winter tires to make their way through layers of snow, but they are the more economical choice for most people.

Economy tires Good For Fast Replacement


Do you want to avoid spending too much money on tires? Then Economy or Budget tires are for you. They last shorter, and their tire tread wears away rapidly, but they sure are cheap. But this slight discount might not be as kind on your wallet as it looks. As they last shorter, you will need to replace them sooner, and the total expense might rival those of a high-brand tire.

It is also effortless to recognize economical tires. Just look through the lower prices in tire search at tire shoppers, and the ones without a brand name are economical tires.

The Speed Rating


Speed ratings are the maximum allowable speed for a tire, and every tire has its own. A higher-speed rated tire can efficiently dissipate the heat formed during use, unlike tires with lower-speed ratings.

Driving at a speed beyond the allowed speed rate of your car’s tires can be dangerous for everyone involved. So it might be practical to buy tires with a higher speed rating so you can stay safe and drive at the excellent speed rate required on all roads.

Size of the tire Matters


Most people overlook the importance of a perfectly fitting tire while buying cars. The larger your tires are, the larger is your car’s grip on the road. A tire with a large width covers more surface area on the road, increasing your car’s ability to maneuver.

You need a perfect fitting tire to make sure you get the best out of your car and tires. You cannot fit a larger tire on a smaller size wheel. You could use a giant, more fitting wheel with a large tire, but make sure it fits under the wheel and does not obstruct your vehicle’s suspension.

UAE Tire Labelling


UAE tire labeling is three tire labels that are found on the side of your tires. They provide valuable information for buyers. The labels cover information related to fuel efficiency, wet grip, braking distance, and external tire noise during regular use.

Tires have fuel efficiency ranging from A to E. Better fuel efficiency ensures lower costs of motoring and also pumps less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Your tires need a good ability to grip the wet roads and small braking distances. This is assessed for each tire and rated from A to G.

External noise made by the tire during use is measured with 1,2 or 3 bars with decibel levels stated separately on the label.

Tire Types


If you want tires that cover you through all four seasons, all-weather tires could work like a miracle for you. They come in multiple designs with various features, making them reliable in all weather conditions. Currently, they are the most common tires fitted with all newly sold cars and are presently the most used tire in the UAE.

Summer tires are made up of a special rubber compound that has excellent grip and handling on dry and wet roads during the high summer heat. While, for winter tires, the tread compound has more natural rubber that keeps the tire from hardening even in extremely cold conditions.

More Popular Tire Types:


Check out below the most popular types of tires which you can choose for your beloved car and enjoy a smooth drive.