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  1. Seam 31X/10.5 R15 109S Grandtour 2023
    1 Year Warranty
    31X/10.5 R15 109S
    China 2023
    Fully Fitted Price per Tyre AED 388.50
    Set of 4: AED 1,554.00
  2. Tyre Offers
    Kumho 31X/10.5 R15 109R Road Venture AT51 2022
    1 Year Warranty
    Out of Stock
    Road Venture AT51
    31X/10.5 R15 109R
    Vietnam 2022
    Fully Fitted Price per Tyre AED 473.34
    Set of 4: AED 1,893.36
  3. Leao 31X/10.5 R15 109R Lion Sport A/T 2023
    1 Year Warranty
    Lion Sport A/T
    31X/10.5 R15 109R
    Thailand 2023
    Fully Fitted Price per Tyre AED 498.75
    Set of 4: AED 1,995.00
  4. Yokohama 31X/10.5 R15 109S Geolandar A/T G015 2023
    1 Year Warranty
    Geolandar A/T G015
    31X/10.5 R15 109S
    Fully Fitted Price per Tyre AED 693.00
    Set of 4: AED 2,772.00
  5. Tyre Offers
    Bfgoodrich 31X/10.5 R15 109S All Terrain T/A KO2 2022
    1 Year Warranty
    All Terrain T/A KO2
    31X/10.5 R15 109S
    United States 2022
    Fully Fitted Price per Tyre AED 765.14
    Set of 4: AED 3,060.54

There are NO EXTRAS to pay on the day of your visit - in relation to the tyre fitting. The following is included in the price,

  • VAT
  • Fitting (Bead lock wheel etc. excluded)
  • Balancing
  • New rubber valve (standard valve only)
  • Free Shipping - Anywhere in UAE
  • Free Fitting at Our Store
  • Disposal of old tyres
  • On purchase of 4 tyres, 1 FREE scheduled instance of tyre rotation every 20,000kms per year