Pirelli P Zero Run Flat Review

Pirelli P Zero Run Flat Review

Looking for robust and high-performance tires? Priority tires have a long line of high-performance summer tires in both run flat and non-run flat variations. One of the most popular run-flat tires is Pirelli P Zero RunFlat tires. It is a high-speed performance tire suitable for both summer and winter seasons.

With excellent speed controllability, it is a self-supporting tire created mainly for drivers of luxury sedans, sports cars, and other top-end car variants. Developed with the help of 100 years of Pirelli experience, it is used as original equipment on MINI Cooper S and BMW 7 Series sedans.

The Pirelli tire tread compound contains silica and carbon molecules that enhance their performance during the first few miles to ensure consistent performance throughout the tire's lifetime. Pirelli's S-treme asymmetric tread formula achieves responsive handling, hydroplane resistance, and wet traction while maximizing wear, acoustic comfort, and dry road performance.

Quick Feature Review:

  • Most Suitable for Summer Season
  • High-Performance Tire
  • Passenger Car Type
  • Run Flat

Let’s take a closer look at Pirelli’s P Zero Run Flat to see why this is such an exceptional tire model.

Summer Tires work effectively in wet and dry weather traction, thereby increasing the tire's safe performance. Generally, these are not suited for winter weather driving, but in warmer weather, these perform first-rate safely and securely.

P Zero Flat Run tires represent excellent grip quality on the road surface due to their asymmetric tread design – an increase in the number of biting edges gripping the surface promotes a secure summer performing capability. With excellent summer weather traction, this model amalgamates the ideal tread pattern with a dual compound, increasing its grip in wet and dry weather conditions.

Moreover, the unique blend, including silica and carbon black elements, helps improve the tire’s dry and wet weather performance. This combination of elements also helps avoid heat build-up securing high-speed surface grip to prevent heat build-up in the tread area.

Emphasizing the model’s tread design, it has unique features of wide circumferential and optimized lateral grooves. It prevents hydroplaning and channels water away to increase the wet weather performance. When in contact with a vertical water surface, this succeeds in providing safer performance.


P Zero Run Flat tires provide secured diving stability, fast steering responsiveness, and excellent controllability even in varied conditions.

It is molded into an asymmetric tread pattern with three center ribs and an optimal shoulder tread block placement. It helps the tire grip the road surface all the time, leading to increased drive stability and steering responsiveness. Even during a high-speed performance, the steering becomes faster and more precise with the stabilized structure.

The high-speed performing capability is also upgraded by the increase in road contact, which improves the high-speed durability and the dual component’s heat resistance. The tire has a strengthened twin steel belt, an aramid cord, and a polyamide cord ply structure which can maintain its optimal shape even under high-speed driving pressure. Keeping its shape under high pressure makes it capable of securely performing at the best high-speed capability.

The asymmetric tread design also increases the high-speed maneuvering and braking capabilities. The number of biting edges steadily gripping the road surface during the tire’s performance is increased due to the intelligent placement of the shoulder tread block. On top of that, the pressure distribution is perfectly balanced along the tread area due to the S-shaped grooves in the tread pattern, which enable the tire to create friction between the tire and the road surface, ultimately resulting in the enhancement of the braking ability and decreasing the braking distance.


A tire’s lengthened usability and less frequent tire changes are dependent upon its longer tread life. The P Zero Run Flat tire has an asymmetric tread pattern that evenly distributes the driving pressure along the tread area for extended usability.


The run-flat model is specific for vehicles that do not possess spare space to carry tires. Hence, these vehicles are at risk of being stranded if any tires go bust on the roadside. The P Zero Run Flat tires developed utilizing Pirelli's run-flat technology can withstand the weight of vehicles and passengers due to the model’s reinforced sidewalls. This helps them to reach a safer nearby location to change or fix the damaged tire. It can be driven up to the speed of 50 mph or up to 50 miles.

What are your views on Pirelli P zero run-flat tires? What attracts you about this tire?