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Continental Tyres Online in UAE at DWB Tyres

Let's talk about Continental tires! These awesome tires were born in Germany way back in 1871. Since then, they've been famous for making innovative tyres. For more than 140 years, Continental tyres has been a big name in the tire world. They make premium tyres at best prices for all kinds of vehicles and driving situations. They've done a lot of research and development to become one of the most trusted tyre brands out there.

Continental Tyres in Dubai with Innovative Technology

ContiSeal - Sealing Excellence 

Imagine a tire that can heal itself. Introducing ContiSeal, an ingenious Continental technology that's like a tire first-aid kit. If your tire encounters nails or other sharp objects, worry not! ContiSeal's special sticky sealant layer, nestled inside the tire tread, works its magic. It seals punctures caused by foreign objects and keeps you rolling. No need for immediate roadside tire changes. It's a game-changer that seals 80% of tire punctures, reducing the risk of flat tires. Recognize ContiSeal tires by the symbol on the sidewall. Plus, they're compatible with standard rims.

ContiSilent - Serenity on Wheels

Tired of road noise disrupting your peace inside the car? ContiSilent is here to hush things up. This Continental technology is all about reducing interior noise on any road surface. How does it work? ContiSilent tires feature an inner tire absorber – a polyurethane foam securely attached to the inner tread area. This foam's structure remains stable, no matter the temperature. The result? A quieter ride with noise reduction of up to 9 dB(A), depending on your vehicle type, speed, and road surface.

SSR System - Runflat Marvel

Flat tires are a thing of the past with Continental's SSR (Self-Supporting Runflat) system. Designed primarily for low section tires, this technology ensures your tires stay compatible with standard rims. The secret? A self-supporting reinforced sidewall that prevents sidewall collapse when punctured. This means your tire won't slip off the rim, and you can forget about carrying a spare. Less weight translates to improved fuel efficiency, and you'll gain up to 80 liters of extra trunk space. Installing SSR tires on all positions is highly recommended, often mandated by law, with no tire repairs allowed. Choose Continental for a safer, quieter, and more efficient ride.

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