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Goodtrip tires are part of the Tyres brands developed by the Hongdou Group, a leading tyre manufacturer in Jiangsu Province, known for tire manufacturing. The company was founded in 2002 and has been deeply involved in research, development, and production ever since. They make both bias and all-steel radial tires.

As one of the largest tire manufacturers, they've established a strong marketing network, managing many car tyre shops where they offer Goodtrip tyres. During the development process, they use cutting-edge technology to produce safe and noise-free tire models with outstanding handling features.

They also have dedicated tyre experts who distribute Goodtrip products in many countries. Their main goal is to make quality tyres for car enthusiasts while keeping their costs low. The company is always committed to innovation and excellence.

When manufacturing a Goodtrip tyre, the company focuses on investing in extensive research and testing to build tires that meet the latest standards. This China-based tyre brand specializes in developing tires for light trucks, SUVs, and passenger cars, including all-season, performance, all-terrain, and mud terrain designs. So, this brand is dedicated to offering premium high-quality tyres at affordable prices.

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Goodtrip tires have been manufacturing excellent and budget-friendly tyres since their founding in 1995, starting initially with motorcycle tyres. As part of the Hongdou Group, the Goodtrip brand invests a lot of effort and time in researching and producing all-steel radial and bias tires. Their product range has expanded over the years, and today they offer a wide range of TBR tyres produced by several international manufacturers.

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