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Vredestein, a well-known tyre brand, originated in Enschede, Holland, after World War 2. They've been a part of Apollo Tyres Ltd. since 2009, boasting over 100 years of experience. Vredestein collaborates with the Italian design house 'Giugiaro Design' to create high-performance tyres.

Their expertise lies in research and development, crafting tires for bicycles, cars, classics, vans, and SUVs. Vredestein tyres shine with their strong grip on snowy terrain and prowess on dry roads.

Vredestein tires have earned their reputation for top-notch performance and innovation over a century of dedicated craftsmanship. As Europe's premier tyre manufacturer, they're influencing the future of global tire tech with a rich European heritage and a vision to offer the ultimate driving experience.

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Vredestein specializes in producing premium car tyres at reasonable prices. Founded in 1909, this Dutch company uses technology, extensive research, and experience to create outstanding tires. Their efforts have won them prestigious awards, like "All-Season Manufacturer of the Year" by AutoBild in 2019.

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