What's lovely about your brand-new car are those tyres that make you feel like your car is in full control. But, as time passes, they get worn out, and you face problems like frequent punctures, breaking issues, tyre burst-outs, and more. And that's the time when these old tyres need to be replaced.

And when you face these issues, the first question that pops up in your head is are their tyres which can last long and simultaneously save you and your loved ones' precious life? Start thinking about which tyres I should go for!

While making these tyre replacement decisions, several things come to mind, like how much I should spend on tires, what kind of quality I should go for, and will these new tyres give me the comfort that I used to get earlier; and whatnot!

In this blog, you'll learn if it's the right choice or not. So let's start:

What Are Affordable Tyres?

The main advantage of affordable tyres is they are pocket friendly. Cheap tyres are a great option, especially when there is a sudden puncture or a tight budget.

Although pocket friendly, the tyres aren't the most reliable for driving. Why, despite using the same material, are they 40-50% cheaper?

The answer is that several factors affect tyre performance: tread pattern type, rubber compound quality, construction technique, robustness, ride comfort, braking, and sound insulation.

It is common for budget tyre brands to simply mimic popular brands' tread patterns with next to no regard for durability. The construction is often weak, and the rubber quality is less than ideal. When driving with these tires, you can experience a lot of noise, which can be annoying and distracting.

What Are Premium Tyres? What Sets Them Apart From the Affordable One?

Premium tyres are ideal for supporting powerful engines or increasing driving performance. Several industry heavyweights produce premium tyres, including Michelin, Pirelli, Goodyear, and Bridgestone.

With their 6 mm to 8 mm treads, premium tyres offer you a better grip and reduced gear damage. They also last longer without any chances of skidding.

All these cautions aside, it is believed that a premium tyre can last for up to 10 years. This makes premium tyres better than budget tyres.

How Are They Different From Each Other?

Affordable Tyres Premium Tyres
Since affordable tyres come at a lower price, they are the most cost-effective. The cost of premium tyres, however, tends to be higher. Because of their high-quality rubber and tread designs, they tend to last longer.
An affordable tyre is not suitable for long-distance driving. Premium tyres are ideal for long-distance riding.
To keep prices low, affordable tyre manufacturers use average-quality compounds and tread designs. It leads to a short life and a low fuel efficiency. Premium tyre manufacturers provide high-quality performance on short and lengthy drives.
Manufacturers don't spend millions on technology to make affordable tyres. They can produce average-quality tyres quickly and easily by following standard operating procedures. A premium tyre company uses technologies like Hydrogrip, puncture-proof tyres, and noise-cancelling tyres that are exclusive to them.

Top Affordable Tyre Brands You Should Know About

  1. Pearly

    Pearly Tyre is gaining popularity among several tire brands in the Middle East. However, they are considerably less expensive than top-tier brands, even though they offer superior performance and quality. For Pearly Tyre, prices range from 188 AED to 428 AED.

    Top Tyres from Pearly:

    • Max A One
    • Shine Line
    • Silent Sport
  2. Tracmax

    The Generation Tires company manufactures and sells tires under a variety of labels. Tracmax Tire is one of their leading brands. This tire's approach to sustainability sets it apart from its competitors.

    Top Tyres from Tracmax are:

    • X Privilo H/T
    • X Privilo TX3
    • X Privilo TX5
  3. Windforce

    The brand's products meet high European quality standards, making them successful exports to more than fifty countries. In addition to being very durable, these tires are extremely resistant to shocks and bumps and last for a very long time.

    Top Tyres from Windforce are as follows:

    • CatchFors UHP
    • CatchFors HT
    • CatchFors AT II
  4. Seam Tyre

    As a result of SeamTyre’s impressive performance, the brand has become a household name in the UAE. In addition, the tires are highly durable. So, don't have to worry about replacing them often.

    Top Tyres from Seam are as follows:

    • Altima
    • Jupiter
    • GT Max

Top Premium Tyre Brands You Should Know About

  1. Bridgestone

    Being one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world, Bridgestone tyres are synonymous with durability, high-end performance, innovative technology, and maximum fuel efficiency. As Bridgestone produces tyres for sports, the tyres have excellent safety features.

    Top Tyres from Bridgestone:

    • Alenza 001
    • Dueler H/P Sport
    • Potenza Sport
  2. Pirelli

    A global brand with deep Italian roots, Pirelli stands as an icon of advanced technology, high-end production excellence, and innovation. Pirelli is the sole supplier for Formula 1 races, so it's no surprise that they provide exceptional grip, and minimal braking distance.

    Top Tyres from Pirelli:

    • Cinturato P7
    • P Zero
    • P Zero PZ4
  3. Michelin

    While Pirelli tyres focus on minimal braking distance and firm grip, Michelin focuses on the overall driving experience. The tyres provide safety, fuel efficiency, long durability and exceptional handling.

    Top Tyres from Michelin:

    • Latitude Sport 3
    • Pilot Sport 4
    • Primacy 4
  4. Goodyear

    You can choose Goodyear tyres for long-lasting tyres that deliver safety and provide a proper balance of wet and dry traction. Their run-flat tyres help maintain control over the car even when the tyres blow out, minimizing the risk of an accident.

    Top Tyres from Goodyear:

    • Assurance TripleMax
    • Eagle F1 Asymmetric
    • EfficientGrip Performance
  5. Yokohama

    In addition to providing the industry's highest performance and safety, the brand continuously releases products that provide maximum traction, road feel, and precision. The steel belts strengthen the tread area, making the tyres more puncture-resistant.

    Top Tyres from Yokohama:

    • Advan Sport V105
    • BluEarth ES32
    • Geolandar A/T G015

Affordable vs Premium Tyres - Which Should I Choose?

Features Affordable Tyres Premium Tyres
Can Drive long distances. Yes Yes
Ensure high performance. No Yes
Expect safety as a priority. No Yes
Be prepared for a long-lasting tyre. No Yes
Expect a low price. Yes No


Both affordable and premium tyres have their own pros and cons. However, in the long term, premium tyres have an advantage over affordable ones. Cheaper tyres will wear out faster, and you will have to buy new ones.

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