Tyre Quality- Does it Really Matter?

Tyres are the most important part of a vehicle. They are responsible for one's grip on the road, fuel consumption, and the service of the vehicle.

Therefore tyres must be chosen properly with the help of a professional. Good quality tyres can be easily availed from Dubai Electronic Wheel Balance & DWB Tyres. They are one of the most renowned tyre companies in the whole of Dubai.

This is due to their efficient service, amazing offers on tyres and also because of the trained professionals who guide their customers properly in buying the most suitable tyres for their vehicle.

Does Tyre quality matter?

Yes, tyre quality matters a lot. There are several factors which are influenced by the quality of tyres. One should consider buying tyres irrespective of their cost.

The factors which define the above question are as follows:-

(a) Stability of the ride - Good quality tyres directly influence the stability and quality of one's ride. Good quality tyres are not easily affected by damaged road conditions and do not get punctured easily, thus adding to the comfort of the driver. Also, they provide high-speed stability due to which efficient control of the vehicle is achieved.

(b) Traction on road - A properly designed tread pattern provides excellent traction on road. Due to such, a vehicle doesn't easily slip and proper steering is maintained.

This is very important, especially in the hilly areas where a very small displacement from the road can be life-threatening.

(c) Good grip on-road and smooth braking - Good quality tyres provide a strong grip on the road. Due to this, proper braking is achieved whenever necessary. Good grip prevents drifting of vehicles on the road thereby preventing accidents.

(d) Channeling of water - Good quality tyres have proper designing of tyre tread which helps in channelling of water while driving through a waterlogged area or during the rainy season. This helps in efficient braking on wet roads which is not normally achieved by cheap tyres.

(e) Fuel saving - Having a good quality tyre is totally a bonus. Car tyres with low rolling friction are able to provide good mileage. If you are spending a good sum of money on buying good quality tyres, this factor is totally a super save your fuel budget.

(f) Warranty - Good quality tyres have a long life and on top of that, they are distributed with a good duration of the warranty. So, if your tyre faces any serious damage within the warranty period, they would repair it or even replace it for free.

(g) Saves a lot of your money - Good quality tyres save a lot of your money which you might have spent on replacing cheap tyres every few months. Good quality tyres have a long

life along with a warranty so you don't have to worry about buying a new one for at least 10 years.

(h) Prevents noise - A good quality tyre will reduce most of the noise that is caused on the road. The noise factor totally depends on the tread pattern of the tyre. A good quality tyre definitely has a good tread pattern.

One of such tyre patterns is the radial tyre pattern which is made keeping in mind the aerodynamics and thus results in low rolling noises.

Why should one buy tyres from Dubai Electronic Wheel Balance & DWB Tyres?

The reasons why one should consider buying tyres from Dubai Electronic Wheel Balance & DWB Tyres are manifold, and they are,

  • Expert guidance

DWB has the most professionally trained men for properly guiding their customers on buying accurate tyres for their vehicles. During this process, they also explain the functioning of tyres and provide tips on how to take care of tyres.

The professionals are available 24×7 to talk to the customers about any difficulties they might be facing with their tyres.

  • Convenient pricing

DWB tyres are renowned all over Dubai for providing the best quality tyres at an affordable price. DWB believes in quality work at a cheaper price. The products are marketed keeping in mind that everybody should be able to use them.

  • Quality product

Quality product has been their main objective since the very beginning. Where other companies are charging a lot for their products and keeping their customers unsatisfied, DWB Tyres are availing the best quality tyres from the best manufacturers around the globe and selling them at an affordable price.

  • High stock

DWB tyres have the highest stock of tyres in Dubai. Tyres of different brands, price ranges, and excellent quality are bought from manufacturers all around the globe.

This is to ensure that no customer leaves unsatisfied. DWB believes that every customer of theirs is not just a buyer but an important member of the DWB family.

Safety Comes First

One must always go for good quality tyres irrespective of their cost and it ultimately saves more money than any cheap quality tyres. And if worn off or torn, tyres must be replaced immediately.

This is to prevent any accidents that might occur due to malfunctioning of the tyres.