Different Types of Car Brakes- How Do They Perform?

Different Types of Car Brakes- How Do They Perform?

Cars have made the lives of people easier in every way. From helping one to reach their offices on time and covering lengthy roads in a hassle-free way - they have made life happen more than ever.

However, cars are not just huge metal objects. But there are indeed many parts of it that make the operation easier including steering, wheels, airbags, etc.

Unlike all the other components of the engine, one such part that plays a very important role in the safety of the passengers is the Brakes.

Guess you are here because you are interested in knowing about different types of brakes and how they function so that you do not end up needing car brake service frequently.

Please read further to get enlightened on the brakes and their types in detail.

What is a Car Brake?

A car brake can be understood as a device that prevents motion by sapping the power from a moving system, specifically a vehicle here. It is used to slow down or stop the moving vehicle and prevent its motion.

Usually, brakes can be considered a safety system for vehicles. When under normal conditions, a driver is known to exert around 60 to 70 pounds of pressure on the brake pedal.

Not to mention, there are many types of car brakes that exist and each works in a different way but has the same role to play. Drivers should always take care to ensure the brakes are working properly and take them for inspection to the best car brake service like DWB Tyres. Our experts will act promptly for immediate assistance and look into the issue to get it sorted as soon as possible. We’ll also provide you with further assistance and complete service and maintenance support.

How Many Types of Car Brakes are There?

Before you choose to hire car brake services, it is important to know that there are basically four types of them. And to know about them from a closer view, you are suggested to read the next part.

The Main Four Types of Car Brakes That You Should Know About:

#1: The Disc Brakes:

These are the first types of car brakes that are usually found in contemporary cars. The Disc Brakes help you to stop the car safely. There is the usage of brake pads, rotors, calipers, and hydraulic fluid.

When the driver applies pressure to the brake pedal, the hydraulic fluid goes to the system to squeeze the calipers together which further forces the brake pads to the rotor. This causes the automobile to slow down or stop.

These are very popular because they have your full stopping force and perform better. However, if you experience any kind of problem with the disc brake, then you can consult with the service provider of brake pads in Abu Dhabi for immediate assistance.

#2: The Drum Brakes:

The next one is the Drum Brakes. These brakes are very much similar to disc brakes. However, what sets them apart is that they feature a tiny spherical drum with a pair of brake shoes inside of it which is used to slow down the vehicle.

On the other hand, despite being cheap in price, these are least preferred by the people because of two reasons. Firstly, because they are of drum-like shape which can keep water inside and reduces efficiency. This increases the chances of rust and corrosion.

Secondly, they are less heat resistant compared to disc brakes and overheating can cause them to be less effective. Thus, if you are already using drum brakes and are experiencing problems, then fix it for the sake of safety by contacting a trusted auto brake service provider in Abu Dhabi like DWB Tyres.

#3: The Anti-Lock Brakes:

When talking about anti-lock brakes, these are not like the actual brakes but the technology which has been incorporated into the braking system. They help the car brakes from locking up while being used.

Whereas driving and hitting the brakes quickly can cause the wheels to lock up and cause you to slide when the weather is harsh. This type of brake system monitors the speed that controls how each of the wheels rotates.

If it detects that one wheel has locked, then it sends pulses of brake pressure to the wheel so that it slows down and traction is regained. However, if your anti-lock brakes fail to do so, then you are highly suggested to inspect your vehicle by contacting car brakes services.

#4: The Emergency Brakes:

The parking brake that you have been using so far is referred to as the emergency brake. It is operated by a hand level, a foot pedal, or a button. This type of brake is usually cable connected to the car's primary brakes.

They are mostly used to keep the vehicle stationary and can be used when primary brakes fail. But that does not mean you have to leave the improper working brakes like that. You should always be careful and take care of the situation by hiring a trusted car brake repair service in Abu Dhabi. None can be better than DWB Tyres in such cases.

Get Your Car Brakes Repaired By The Experts

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