How Long Do Tires Last?

How Long Do Tires Last?

Unlike the rest of your car, only your car tyres touch the ground. Though it is provisional, your tyres do come with an expiry date, and car lovers always wonder how long tyres last.

It might surprise you how much support your tyres give to your driving. To continuously enjoy smooth drives, keeping your tyres in good condition is vital. tyres provide a grip on the road, letting you roam the roads freely.

How Long Do tyres Last?

So precisely how long do tyres last? The most common answer would be it depends on the factors your tyres get exposed to. You cannot determine the exact lifespan of tyres as it depends on several factors.

Your tyres need replacing sooner if you use them more diligently. The friction caused by the movement wears the surface of your tyres. So for safety purposes, you should pay attention if your tyres are getting old. It is advised to check your tyres after 5 years of usage and once every year after that.

Check out below more in detail and get all your answers:

Average Tyre Life

tyres deal with numerous factors every time they are used. Every tyre has a different lifespan in accord with its variables. The condition of the road substantially impacts the lifespan of your tyres, so does the amount of care you put in.

The quality of tyres plays a significant role in determining how long your tyres last. So if you use budget tyres, they might not last as long as the premium tyres would under the same conditions.

You could use your tyres for up to 10 years if they do not degrade beyond the legal limit. But this could be extremely risky for your life and others. So we suggest changing them long before reaching the lowest limit allowed.

How Many Miles Do tyres Last?

It is practical to measure the lifespan of tyres based on the miles covered by them. When you drive, your tyres are exposed to friction and heat, which erode the tyre surfaces and make the tread shallow. Your tyres can form bulging sidewalls and be more prone to cracks or punctures.

Front tyres get worn down more efficiently than the rear tyres, as they take more strain while driving. So under standard conditions and circumstances, you can expect your front tyres to last for approx. 20,000 miles and double it for your rear tyres.

The statistics vary with different conditions and factors. It can only be taken as a rough estimate.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your tyres?

Even if your tyres are prone to get changed, you can lengthen their lifespan. To know how to get the most out of your tyres, follow our tips below:

Proper Inflation

Having perfectly inflated tyres is not only satisfying but could increase your tyre’s lifespan. An under-inflated tyre will be more in contact with the road due to the high rolling resistance, causing an increase in friction and erosion of your tyres.

An over-inflated tyre will have high pressure, causing the tyre’s footprint on the road to be focused on the center of the surface. This causes uneven tyre erosion and shallows the tread depth in the center quicker than on edge.

Wheel Balancing

Bumps and constant usage can offset the car wheels. Unbalanced wheels cause uneven distribution of weight across the wheel axle that will be unsafe to drive. This makes a part of your wheels be in contact with the road more than the others.

This can be fixed by getting your wheels and wheel axles to be rebalanced and offsetting weight at the right positions on your wheels frequently.

Driving Style

Your driving skills affect your tyre's lifespan. The smoother your acceleration and brakes are, the less strain is on your tyres, making them last longer. Controlled driving and speed change will lessen the friction on your tyres and lengthen their lifespan.

Rotate Your Wheels

Modern cars with front-wheel drive have the power from the engine transferred only to the front wheels, making them degrade much faster than the back ones. To avoid any uneven degradation, regularly rotating the tyres between the front and back tyres helps extend the tyre’s lifespan.


You can only contact the road with your tyres, so they should always be in top condition to ensure your safety. It might be impossible to find the accurate lifespan of your tyres, but we hope we were able to assist you. Whether the short trips or the long ones, you will always have a smooth tranquil drive.